Next time i completly faked her. Even i am wasting my time giving my own opinion. You can only purchase items from the Restock App at a time and it doesn't seem to include all the items at once as my wardrobe number is higher than the number as well. Its impossible but i heard there is a new style boutique coming out called dominics salon and your a hairdresser or something but im not sure if its true. Hair Salon Requests - You no longer need to answer questions and guess a customers style in Styling Star.

Style boutique dating dominic. The Lifestyle Shop sells the remainder of the miniatures such as furniture, clothing, lights, etc. Interior of the Lifestyle Shop. The smaller story lines do repeat which is annoy because no one else comes to my boutique now because the girls like Molly are always there.

Style Savvy Styling Star for Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo Game Details

  • Streetflow items have moved to other brands such as April Bonbon.
  • Has there been changes to using the mannequin?
  • Yes this is a tricky one to figure out.
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Vincent is always talking about food. Then wear the outfit you wore to your first contest win and go to the international contest and win. Or i will not leave him because of you. The up-do category has disappeared and the styles from there have been moved into the three basic categories of short, medium or long.

The game limits you on how many items you can store that were directly brought from brands. Where do you guys get tanita from? Your relationship with him will blossom.

So it just doesn't include all the items at once for some reason. Go to the Hair Salon and select afro. Go on item and select the dress and shoes you bought earlier. As dominic, players will need to hire employees, zealand book appointments and ensure a steady stream of stock is available in the stores. Dominic is cute but just pixels is there any code though?

Improved on the previous entry a lot. Love him love him love him! In Fashion Forward, you could delete more than that number at once. But you just have to stay at your apartment or anywhere else exceptyour store, for a while.

Style Boutique 2 Fashion Forward Guide New Style Boutique 3 Styling Star

Style Boutique 2 Fashion Forward Guide Christmas - Ricky s Story

Fashion Forward is a proper sequel, that's how I want to put it. You can now dress the male characters in the game at the Menswear Shop. Honestly you don't get anything exciting on your birthday. Even more fascinating is that it's not targeted at a something like myself, pitbull but the game's attitude makes it feel accessible for all audiences.

Dress like renee and then go to his mansion he will compliment you. And oh yeah does that work for the european version too? And when i say i dressed up like her i really mean it. So i am a bit worried but if he does fall in love with me hopefully she won't mind! The Cake Shop sells miniatures from the Food category.

So with some outfits, you can't sell all the items together as customers will complain that there are too many styles or everything clashes. Molly and Hafsa keep coming to my boutique. This only happened on one of my games though and i have tried twice more. The sequel to the smash hit game focuses on the world of hairdressing, and will be centred around one of the side characters of the original game.

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Dominc is just something put in the game to tease you he is pretty dreamy but at the end of the day all he is, is a bunch of pixels on a screen. You have to chose the second! Dive into the world of fashion!

Style Boutique Q&A

The previous game included amiibos such as Samus, Wii Trainer and more amiibos from the Mario series. It is better to use the online features anyway. First of all don't listen to all them rumors going round for get customers. If this were true, dating i'd still wouldn't believe a single bit of it. There where too much mushrooms in his stew.

Become a doctor, stylist or boutique manager etc. He will walk you home and then on your next birthday you will be dating. This game is about clothes amd stuff not about dating and there just doing that to make you want to keep on playind and see what happens next. The game keeps track of how many times you play. The reason why the Purple Moon items worked in the previous game was because some outfits from Purple Moon all belong to the same thing whilst some have different themes for each item.


So please tell me an useful cheat purlease. No clue why, Nintendo made some weird decisions with this new game and this just happens to be one of them. Win the International Fashion Contest.

Seriously if anyone knows how to date domonic the just tell me please! Your code works sooo well let's be friends. The few items that are included are available throughout the year in the basic colour of the item.

Oh and that whole story about tatiana and hats! No it isn't possibly to hide items unfortunately. Then i got annoyed with this cheat too and went to his mansion with a hot red dress.

  1. It is great not having to follow and find the customers anymore.
  2. Look guys can u marry dominic on the first one or the second one.
  3. Although it's not my typical venue, it's easy to imagine that those looking to relax and find their style will be able to dig very deep in Fashion Forward.

New Style Boutique 3 Styling Star

New Style Boutique 3 Styling Star

Redecorate the interior of your apartment. Please do not follow any of these cheats and very useless codes as none of them will lead you to your dreams. Now when I display them, no one seems to buy them and I'm not sure if this can be changed by filling in their contact card hearts completely or not.

And did this work for anyone else? How do you even get the date? There is a range of styles available and a guide on Nails can be found here. However you can no longer by invited places regurarly like you could with characters like Callie or Sophie.

You could even delete all the photos you had taken at the same time. Awards - A fun new feature that gives players achievements to work towards. The Lifestyle Shop also sells the interior and exterior decorating styles for the boutique. It has some give and take, it needs to be polished more.

Style Savvy Styling Star

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